Sunday, December 20, 2015


come to and get hazy
keep numb
do it lonely
they wont touch you or feel you anyway
what they care about is different
they wont speak to you for months
you wont know if they love you for years
dont listen anyway
best not to think about it
its not your business

be your own doctor
take your own advice
stretch yourself
hide the cracks
no one wants a broken toy
no one listens to a broken record
no one respects a broken promise
no one needs a broken heart

ride the highs until you fall
hide the lows from your beloved


close the door
tune it out
put in work
finish the story

court your id
show it you care
impregnate yourself and gestate
birth a love
raise a smile
it adores you when you play together

keep warm in the cold
put the ache in the safe
take the fears to bed
wait for a better song
a singer with convictions
who will make you a happy prisoner
cuffed like a fugitive bounty hunter
keep it tight

share the spoils and lean hard
give back and hold it up
sleep like rest
wake like zest
hug like need
only talk big
stash the mula
save the core
cut off the fringe
fuck the base
if she holds your head
you'll love her self
just do it right

Tuesday, October 27, 2015




Chase it
Fuck it
Dead it
Kill it dead


Sleep it stupid
Get up
Slowly but surely
Dress it up
Like a plaything

A trauma doll
Soak it in coffee
And propylene glycol laced with nicotine

Go about your business
Try to be discrete
Stay upright

Stay busy
Hold it down
Face it up
Keep it in
Dont talk it out

Empathetic and semi-lucid

A tall order in the small of your back

Now walk it out