Friday, August 16, 2013


All these slurs are phonetic shorthand. It’s the first sign of the second phase of the bored man.

The first phase is when the “How are you today?” is converted to a nod and a cursory indication of ocular recognition


there’s ((vision)) and there’s Planning. and there’s tone
and pitch

Implicit in these slurs

and enunciation is pretentious and purely for pretense
much like alliteration

punctuation if unwieldy can be left for dead ;chopin phrases are on mixtapes in brooklyn and
the day our brains overtook our mouths will forever be remembered as the start of the silence
but we’re getting better at speaking faster we train our tongues until they pant with exhaustion to keep that spectre of solitude away

so you’d better practise listening or you’ll get lost in the din of advisory bodies with mostly good intentions and loud booming voices with nothing to say
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