Monday, August 26, 2013

No Parking

Im grateful
I know my place
Born lucky
I know my place

I have to restrain myself

love me or run… Go!

Every time I go out of my way to feel alienated
people pull me in and tell me to snap out of it
I usually do

I love peer pressure

Im anxious
I grind my teeth
I take hours to fall asleep
I speak incessantly some days because silence can be lazy
and when Im done with words I don’t talk for hours because
conversation is at heart

an artifice.

or something similar.

I feel no emotion watching dramas on tv
But sometimes I find myself with what could maybe be a tear in my eye
When Im watching a Will Farrell movie
Or an old Simpsons repeat that I’ve seen at least 26 times

The one where Homer pays off his mortgage and quits his job and goes to work at a bowling alley which was his life-long dream and then he finds out Marge is pregnant with Maggie,
so he has to go back to the power-plant and grovel to Mr Burns to get his job back and Mr Burns puts up a sign saying:


And then Homer puts pictures of Maggie in between some of the letters, so that some of them are obscured and it now reads:


No parking.
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