Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Teasing BiPolar Bears

  04 -Teasing Bi-polar Bears by DumbBaby

I want the whole world to remember me
I want to leave a legacy
I want them to cry when they bury me
I want beautiful women jumping on the casket , asking it why I had to die

If you follow me…

And it probably won’t happen will it?
But my cup was half empty and I thought I should fill it
By the by, I’m at the zoo by the bi polar bears teasing them
Waiting for them to attack
And that black dog’s back

I’m just trying to get a little bit higher
Why are you
Keeping me down with these bloodhounds?

Maybe they can smell fear
But I don’t have any
I’m too high for you
I keep my head in the clouds

Everyone’s excited about tomorrow
Today was here today but it didn’t raise an eyebrow
And yesterday was more boring than boredom
I’d tell you not to buy what they were selling
But I already saw the things they were selling
And I bought them
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