Saturday, March 12, 2011

what funny old men and women listen to (beauty of the zeitgeist)

funny old hippy man
listens to his beard and
the wispy brown curls
matted with soy curd
and wheat-grass extract
tell him to
make love to the trees
make peace with the earth
to take off his synthetic shoes
wriggle his toes in the dirt


funny old yuppie woman
listens to her blackberry and
the smooth shiny square
filled with appointments
and deadlines
tell her to
check the stock-market
monitor her inbox
to make sure she leaves work early
go and run on the treadmill at the gym

one day they will meet
in a demographic-neutral art gallery
make love like humans
and have a child

who will be conscientious about the environment
And pursue a job in ethical law

and in his free time
he will maintain his own blog
about the beauty of the zeitgeist
writing exclusively on his laptop

sitting cross-legged by a lake
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