Sunday, August 14, 2011

I think theres someone coming...

  01 - I think theres someone coming by DumbBaby

Theyre rallying
Every day theres more people in the valley where
The havenots wish for more and
They see the rich looking down from the summit
Both sides know the others have got something they don’t
And they want it

I think theres someone coming…
Its sounding like theyre running, the footsteps are getting louder
Theyre gonna take the mountain
I think theres someone coming

They march onwards and upwards
With hammers and sickles and weapons they found on the floor
They sing songs of liberation and freedom
You’ll only be free when they kick down the door

I think theres someone coming…

The Dalai Llama would give a hungry man
The food off his plate
He wouldn’t hesitate
He’d go without no doubt
But he’s on his way out
And everyone else is getting hungry
We’re all not as strong as he
Would you or I give a hungry man the food off our plates
Would we hesitate or would we go without
I know Ive got my doubts
Everyones getting hungry I can hear stomachs rumbling

I think theres someone coming
No need to be frightened but get inside your house
Because I think theres someone coming…

Friday, August 12, 2011


  05 - myownuniverse by DumbBaby

In my own universe everything just is
There’s no god of empty spaces
Just lots of places that you’ve never been

‘Something was wrong’
He said
‘It shouldn’t take this long’
He put his head in his hands and moved on

In my own universe everyman and his dog was god
They all took turns to rule
Wise men posed as fools
And everyone just got on

‘Something was wrong’
He said
‘It shouldn’t take this long’
He put his head in his hands and moved on

It means a lot to me
The land, the sky, the sea,
The sunshine
But that’s the way it seems to be you can’t reverse entropy
And now I’m blue as the sky

‘But there’s nothing wrong, don’t be sad
It was still the best dream we ever had
One day we’ll remember what it was about again

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Introspectives: restless farewell

Introspectives: restless farewell: "Oh all the money that in my whole life I did spend, Be it mine right or wrongfully, I let it slip gladly past the hands of my friends To tie..."

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Teasing BiPolar Bears

  04 -Teasing Bi-polar Bears by DumbBaby

I want the whole world to remember me
I want to leave a legacy
I want them to cry when they bury me
I want beautiful women jumping on the casket , asking it why I had to die

If you follow me…

And it probably won’t happen will it?
But my cup was half empty and I thought I should fill it
By the by, I’m at the zoo by the bi polar bears teasing them
Waiting for them to attack
And that black dog’s back

I’m just trying to get a little bit higher
Why are you
Keeping me down with these bloodhounds?

Maybe they can smell fear
But I don’t have any
I’m too high for you
I keep my head in the clouds

Everyone’s excited about tomorrow
Today was here today but it didn’t raise an eyebrow
And yesterday was more boring than boredom
I’d tell you not to buy what they were selling
But I already saw the things they were selling
And I bought them

Friday, July 1, 2011

Victory Anxiety

From 9 DumbBeats instrumental Ep.

DumbBaby owns this beat like a bitch. If you would like to buy it, including all publishing rights, hit us up at

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10 Poems Written in an Office

1    Slow day
2    I’m a dirty desk whore
3    She sits across from me
4    One day I will get found out
5    I hate that laugh
6    Poker Face
7    What is wrong with people?
8    Little shiny circles with numbers on them
9    I will wait (I’m a follower)
10    And he lost the plot

Slow day

Looking out the window
Skyscrapers scrape the sky

Looking back at my computer
Because I have to
God knows why

Looking at my watch
Time is flying by
Slow as a virgin moves his hand up his first date’s thigh

I’m a dirty desk whore

I’m at work and I’m bored
I’m sucking off pens and highlighters
I’m a dirty desk whore
I’m going down on the typewriter

No STD’s
Just carpal tunnel syndrome
Addicted to tea and coffee
Instead of crack and heroin

It’s still soul destroying
And I can’t do it forever
At least sex workers get paid more
And their drugs are better…   

She sits across from me

She sits across from me
Our eyes do that old-fashioned slow dance of avoidance
There is an awkward guilt
We once did something we shouldn’t have

We don’t talk
Words are a bad idea
And won’t achieve anything
Silence is more honest for now

No words but
I can hear her humming
A pretty sound
But I don’t want to hear it

A few more hours
And I can leave work
I’m waiting for 5 o’clock
Like born-again Christians wait for the rapture   

One day I will get found out

Office work is like
A constant battle
To pretend that
The pieces of paper that you shuffle
Are important.

One day I will get found out
And the gig will be up.
My downfall grows nearer every day.
There is already suspicion in the air.
I need to learn to play the game better
To bluff and play my hand properly.

Perhaps I should stop writing procrastinating verses
And start rearranging the paper
On my desk?

Or not.

I think not.   

I hate that laugh

Would you please, please shut up?

I hate that fucking laugh, woman.

Your nervous, nasal braying
Is betraying you!

I hear the desperation and madness in your chuckle.

So for your own good you might as well

Shut up.   

Poker Face

All I have is what I’ve been given

I’ve been given plenty but
Today I’ve been driven

To abject boredom
By the prison..

Ugh, I mean the office
That I work in

They give me paper and raw data
To transpose to different mediums
I try to care
But I can’t bear it
Ugh, The tyranny of tedium

Even as I write this I’m boring myself
So I apologise in advance

At least these verses
Written in stealth

Give my poker face
A gamblers chance.   

What is wrong with people?

What is wrong with people?
That’s not rhetorical.
I want an answer.

If I pick the three nearest people
To my person
I’ll get the answer faster.

There’s a 33 year old woman
Married to a man she doesn’t love.

There’s a slightly younger female
Who never talks and
Has a nervous laugh.

There’s a middle-aged manager
Who spends the entire day
Reading the news.

And periodically ventures out of his office
To share his freshly stolen views.

What is wrong with people?
There’s no answer that’s sufficient.

What isn’t wrong with people?
My next schadenfreudian fact-finding mission.   

Little shiny circles with numbers on them

Coins, coins, coins are just

Little shiny circles with numbers on them
Different colours and weights and
Pictures on them

Trying their best not to look smug

It’s funny

Little bits of metal
When put together
In suitable arrangements

Can buy everything but love

And sometimes even that
If you’re in the wrong place at the right time!

I found a dollar coin down the back of my lounge
One Sunday afternoon when I was cleaning
I put it in the cup that houses all my loose change

When the cup is full I will go to the bank
and exchange the coins for some notes

The dollar that I found will be part of something bigger now
But only when I buy a new TV or stereo or IPod…
Only then
Will that dollar have realised its destiny   

I will wait (I’m a follower)

I know there is somewhere else
Where I should be

I know this because

The place where I exist presently
Does not particularly appeal to me

Although perhaps one day, maybe
The place I am in will grow to be

Precisely the place I want to be
The idea’s both fanciful and lazy

But I’ll close my eyes and see
I will wait, that’s my strategy

I will wait by going nowhere

I’m a follower you see.   

And he lost the plot

He says
‘I’m very easily led’
In a way that would lead you to believe that he isn’t
Although he actually is

Funnily enough he actually is

‘Free I am and free you aren’t
All the things I do you cant
Where you end is where I start
Lament on this if you will’

He heard this voice in his head all the time
And he never found out who it was
And it weighed so heavy on his mind
That his mind collapsed and he lost the plot

But everyone else would be alright

Just get up when you hear the alarm


Rise and shine

All those dirty things you own, that hide in dark corners, take them out and then

Rise and shine

All those things you hide when the company arrives
Dust them off and

Rise and shine

Or prepare for decline 

By dumbbaby

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Suck her Filly

All these dudes in the kitchen really bore me
I need to find a girl to fork me
I’ll spoon her
I’ll suck her filly
Get it?
Nah, you didn’t
But I want to smoke her J until its finished

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I tried

And failed to get my bed head in check
as I paused and looked wearily at

the facetiously cheery
reflection of myself

that mocked it's real-life brother
from the mirror in the corner of the elevator.

Halfway up to the 14th floor
I realized it wasn't going to happen.

Could an aversion to combs
be holding my glittering professional career back?

Or, was it because, on days like today
I ama about an hour late...
and appear to be stoned?

Perhaps l’ll never know...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

stay out

I saw sadness coming from out the corner of my eye.
She was sneaking round to the back door, clutching her tatty, dog-eared diary.
I quickly ran to the door and propped a chair up behind it.
There's no way in hell that bitch is getting into my house today.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

life is sometimes boring!

Life is sometimes boring

You will have to :

• get high
• get low
• climb walls
• hold your breath for as long as you can without passing out
• See how often you can get out of trouble (that may or may not have been caused by you)

• You may

for extended periods of time, have to alternate between the exclusive consumption or abstinence of juice, milk, caffeine , antioxidants, smoke, wine,chickpeas, and if youre a ravenous beast, as much oily salty animal flesh as you can shove in your grease-stained mouth

This is the way of the world

None of these activities in themselves will necessarily move you forward in life or aid your well-being immediately. But if they do not immediately manifest themselves in improved mental and physical health

they may still take your mind off the fact that

Life is sometimes boring!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

melting smarties

he gazes out at the 5 oclock shadow on the skyline
a dusky, hairy silhouette bathed in a melancholy orange glow

beautiful; he is glad to have something to remember it by

he steps out; the wind screams at him
and for a second the skyline is crooked

the colors all blur into each other like melting smarties in a child’s hot hand

the ground embraces him, like a lover home from the war
and with her arms wrapped around him
he finally falls asleep

Thursday, May 5, 2011

the people spin

The slower the drums get
The looser my grip on the now is

It takes a loss of meter
To focus on the whole thing

The world is a kaleidoscope and
The people spin round and round

Monday, May 2, 2011







Friday, March 25, 2011

brown eyes in bar doing a mating dance

A pair of brown eyes
female and beautiful
sing siren lullabies
by way of stare and flutter

and peek out from under a fringe
manicured like a millionaire's prized hedge


Another pair of eyes
owned by a young man who
is much taken with
the owner of said former eyes

He replies briefly with his own gaze
but realizes with shy resignation
that to compete with such visual charisma
may be folly

And so lowers his eyes
they too, brown
back to his drink and cigarettes
at least for a minute to regroup
and muster up enough
mojo to do the

mating dance again.

Monday, March 21, 2011

a fragile relationship

Life is a whore
Fuck her and then pay
Just kidding
I adore her
I give her flowers everyday

But it's a fragile relationship
And I never quite know what she's thinking
I wake up with scars on my arms
After nights of heavy drinking

I know I didn't make the cuts
I'm too vain for mutilation
I think she slashes me while I sleep
To make me value self-preservation

And preserve myself I will
Until I have the will no more
And as long as life is free
I apologise
For calling her a whore

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'd still rather

I know it’s a


little habit
that Ive got.

but I’d still rather do it

than not.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Im pre-manstrual
Its that time of the month again
Please excuse my mood swings
And my constant trips to the bathroom
My hormonal changes leave me
Unquenchably horny
with hot flushes
And liable to break down in tears for no apparent reason..

And don't try to say you sympathise because

You just wouldn't understand!

(Picture by Rhett Broadby)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

what funny old men and women listen to (beauty of the zeitgeist)

funny old hippy man
listens to his beard and
the wispy brown curls
matted with soy curd
and wheat-grass extract
tell him to
make love to the trees
make peace with the earth
to take off his synthetic shoes
wriggle his toes in the dirt


funny old yuppie woman
listens to her blackberry and
the smooth shiny square
filled with appointments
and deadlines
tell her to
check the stock-market
monitor her inbox
to make sure she leaves work early
go and run on the treadmill at the gym

one day they will meet
in a demographic-neutral art gallery
make love like humans
and have a child

who will be conscientious about the environment
And pursue a job in ethical law

and in his free time
he will maintain his own blog
about the beauty of the zeitgeist
writing exclusively on his laptop

sitting cross-legged by a lake

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I see a pretty girl blowing a bubble
And I wish I was a bubble ; )
Getting ever bigger and more beautiful
With every exhaled breath
She blows out

As my skin stretched
I would become more transparent
And reflective

And you'd be able to see all
The world's perfections and foibles
Mirrored in my countenance

And when I was completely full of her
I would either float away serenely

Monday, January 3, 2011


Im from Perth

It's the end of the world

Most isolated major city on Earth

Money doesn't grow on trees there

You can dig it out of the ground

and sell it over the sea
and then buy all the things you want

we have

pretty sparkly heavy valuable rocks



and We have TONS of it.