Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Therefore I BOUNCED...

I hung briefly with this girly-girl girl who occasionally
and seemingly randomly
had problems with PDA's
(Public Displays of Affection if you didn’t know)

this issue was only an issue when she wanted it to be
the vast majority of the time she was most happy
to hug and cop a feel
(And I'm always happy to cop the feel)
and kiss


sometimes I'd grab her and she would all of a sudden
turn into a blushing 1930's-style-damsel with modesty issues

I couldn't work it out

but eventually the suspicion sneaked up on me
it wasn't me

it was her
or more accurately
it was a friend of hers

she was a lot more reserved when he happened to be around

the two obviously had a history
and her and I didn't really

in fact

I was a rebound

And therefore I BOUNCED...
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