Friday, December 24, 2010

Gibberish, gabberish

Gibberish, gabberish
Make sure you wash your dishes
Beware of fishes having business meetings
With pieces of licorice

Feast your peepers on preachers making funny speeches
On the importance of mentally-impaired alcoholic leeches
They both teach us of the arrogance of venomous creatures

A stapler having sex with a piece of paper
Would be funny
Perhaps their babies would be envelopes
Filled with foreign money?

Have you ever seen a fascist, racist, rapist, doner kebab?
I once saw one running down the street, sexually molesting a yellow cab
He tripped on an obese eel that was sunbaking on the pavement
Meanwhile a gay platypus in high heels watched the scene in amazement

Nibble, Kibble, Dribble, Quibble
Young liberals salivate at the sight
Of a nude nun trying to get a tan by moonlight at midnight

A sycophantic apple with nihilistic intention
Can still be interested in the presidential election

Chicken licking should be banned
In my humble opinon
Energy would be better channelled
Crying about the state of onions

Spend, lend, mend, fend, defend your enemies friends
Im so sad, not really, they're crocodile tears

I think this is the


Monday, December 20, 2010

The wall will fall down

One day the wall will fall down..

A scream like the sound of spoiled apples hitting concrete
A lust like a bee sting to the eye
A breath like the air pushed by a door slamming shut in the face of a jehovah’s witness
Asking for your time

There are so so many spies with two eyes
And one mouth
They’ll make you lock up your house
And denounce
Your weapons, your rights and your town

But one day the wall will fall down…

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Longing

A beautiful woman
A window
Lightly frosted
Like a cake
Not as if for a wedding or some other
Formal declaration of any particular importance
But something to be consumed
On a blustery autumn afternoon

And consume it she does

Cold air stalks the wet ground outside

But inside
So warm
Lonelyness and melancholia may have paid a visit
But nonetheless
She is still warm

What she waits for is moot
The elegance of her anticipation itself
Conveys the beauty of natural rhythm and cadence and
The longing of soft light and shadows
And downright poetry

More than a hundred romantics
Writing a thousand earnest love-notes
For a million years
Using nothing but blood and tears for ink

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Therefore I BOUNCED...

I hung briefly with this girly-girl girl who occasionally
and seemingly randomly
had problems with PDA's
(Public Displays of Affection if you didn’t know)

this issue was only an issue when she wanted it to be
the vast majority of the time she was most happy
to hug and cop a feel
(And I'm always happy to cop the feel)
and kiss


sometimes I'd grab her and she would all of a sudden
turn into a blushing 1930's-style-damsel with modesty issues

I couldn't work it out

but eventually the suspicion sneaked up on me
it wasn't me

it was her
or more accurately
it was a friend of hers

she was a lot more reserved when he happened to be around

the two obviously had a history
and her and I didn't really

in fact

I was a rebound

And therefore I BOUNCED...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Give us melanin or give us death!

Egg yoke sunny rays of light
Drip from the sky

While the earth waits hungrily.
The horizon squints and
The ocean glints.

The sand sits, stunned.
The shade sulks, shunned.

And the sun strokes
The backs of the pleasure seeking leisure folk

Who wait expectantly
At the edges of the sea
In a dazed and hazy reverie.

"Give us melanin or give us death!"
They scream defiantly.