Friday, November 26, 2010


Watch out for the cougars tonite my son
Theyre female pride on the prowl

And theyre out and about on the town
Snarls and scowls
Gnarly growls

There were three in my living room not fifteen minutes ago
Doing lines on the table
________________________ .
And trying to get their story’s out first

Extra, extra, Ive got more to say than you
Anyway its all old news but

Now theyre out
And the point is if you’re a sexy c.u.b.
Keep an eye out in the pub

They want to share the carcass
of fleeting youth with you

And after mauling that beast to the ground
And ripping its throat out with your teeth

Its satisfying to share the kill and watch the blood drip from their jaws as they feast.
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