Tuesday, January 19, 2010

tops (no rest for the wicked)

about 1:30 we find ourselves on the corner of little whatever and something or other street. doormen everywhere are telling us we cant get in cos we're not attractive females and we dont have attractive females with us, which is fair enough and it IS something that we deserve to be penalized for. .. so we're thinking what we should do and im trying to rouse some troops and theyre acting too drunk sleepy and non-committal to my plans of finding and looting the ultimate utopian bar filled with drunken nymphomaniac women for my liking, but what can you do?

there are about five girls standing on the same corner we're on. there all a bit cute and ones crazy cute. the crazy cute one says: "do you know where the something or other bar is. I say no, havent lived in this city for all that long. I ask them if they'd like to be attractive females and help us get into the last damn bar we were trying to get into. ok, they say so we cross the road and walk to the lounge, which is a niceish bar, although bogan and I say:

"look here, noble doorkeep, as agreed, I have brought a bevy of fair maidens to this den of opulence and ale that you so valiantly guard, please open the doors my good man, that we may lead these fair maidens in and consume what we will!"

or something like that, my memory is a bit hazy.

he says: no.

fuck you man, I say to myself, but not to him, as Im getting my smooth and polite young man on tonite. crazy cute says: do you guys wanna go to tramp? youll like it, its a stripclub, bit crazier than your standard one too.. going to to a stripclub with a group of beautiful women can be quite a nice night out in my experience, so yes please is my answer.

at this point I realise that my mate has skived off, he got too drunk and did the phantom fade into a taxi and off to his hotel for beddy byes.

I hope that sleep was worth it, man..
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