Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my eyes are bigger than my stomach

i am a child with my hand in the biscuit tin
occasionally i need someone to grab my hand and
slap my face and say:

" stay out of there, you've had more than enough!"

i should be old enough for this
to be understood but
i have learning difficulties

my bed is full of crumbs and though
i shake my sheets out every morning
the late night snacks I persist with
fill the bed back up with crumbs immediately
and make any efforts I make to conceal my habit
completely pointless

the crumbs make me itch like crazy
and my skin is too soft
to withstand all the scratching

biscuits are getting more expensive these days
and i am supposed to be saving my pocket money
so i really am trying to get used
to snacking on carrot sticks and celery

but theyre just not as yummy...
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