Friday, October 2, 2009


I woke up this morning incredibly unrefreshed

and dissatisfied after a particularly meagre serving of sleep.

My circadian clock keeps horrible time for [1] and Im act[2]ally pretty inclin[3]d

to throw it out [4] good.

My blanket lay beaten and bloody on the floor

I assume it had started a fight with me in the night; it does love to try on the
old bearhug routine when it thinks I’m not paying attention

My pillows were scattered around the room

evidently they thought five on one was a fair fight… At least they’ll think twice next time

But life goes on of course so I ran myself a nice hot bath of coffee..

brushed my eyes and
scraped my body clean

and with a crack of the neck and a mouthful of carbon monoxide

I was ready for the glorious day ahead!
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