Friday, October 16, 2009

postie (post me)

Somewhere along the line i bought myself a beautiful cage
i hopped inside and stuck a postage stamp on the side

i thought i had become too used to freedom
i couldnt take joy in its presence
and the luxuries of comfort
made me boring and self-satisfied

so everything i had that was worth money was sold
and all the small change that the sales amounted to
i put in my back pocket and then i waited in the cage for the postie
to take me somewhere new

now im in the back of the posties van
and thats most definitely a start of some kind
but its quite dark and im not really sure where were going

im hoping my writing was legible enough
that he can make out the postal code

but at the same time i dont know
if its a good or a bad thing
that i gave no return address
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