Thursday, October 15, 2009


He had no wish to break any records for celibacy
and knew he was a cheap date
with expensive tastes

nonetheless he was still aware
that he had no one to blame but himself
if he wanted someone to buy his wares
he would have to sell them


he made a plan of attack
centered around
the proper execution
of alpha male chatter
at all future friday night drinks

and resolved to up his witty banter output
at saturday afternoon bbqs

and to work on his small talk craft in breakfast cafes for sexy people

maybe then he'd get back what he deserved
or at least wanted

the euphoria of pheromones
and the direction that comes with need

so he buckled down and

prepared himself for chartreuse gropes
cigarette kisses
and cocaine hugs

with a bunker mentality

and a new pair of sunglasses
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