Monday, October 5, 2009

happy is as happy does

Happy is as happy does

write a list of your grievances on a piece of paper
and burn it

watch it burn

Spend 5 minutes thinking about everything that hurts you, brings you down, casts a gloomy pallor on your existence

ruminate on how these things cause you pain
realize some of these problems may never go away

but with time most of them probably will

Then have a glass of wine and watch a funny movie.

If you still feel like you have been run-over by a hearse.


Finally, if you find no alleviation to your pain in these admittedly lazily thought out get-happy quick remedies...

Find someone who seems to be struggling with life's problems even more than yourself and offer them a smile, a big hug and kiss, and the words of encouragement that you yourself deserve.

Good things come to good people

Finally accept a big hug and kiss from myself.

Because for the same reasons listed above I need one too.
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