Monday, October 5, 2009

the blind leading the confused

I feel I could not help being at least a somewhat more honest man
if my vision was gone

In my journey to find the woman who would understand me and love me and follow me to the ends of the earth; precisely where I plan on going

I would have no other choice but to rely upon

the honesty of a woman
her integrity and intelligence
and whether or not her husky voice
made me feel warm and fuzzy and lustful

By necessity I would be less of a shallow man
to outside observers

Nice breasts, shapely thighs, a beautiful face, plump lips
and a sexy round posterior

Would be impossible attributes to ascertain
from a distance

but I worry that after all my other senses
were heightened that things like

sexy voices, intelligent conversations, good intentions

would simply be new aspects of a person for me judge

And honesty, integrity and intelligence
call all be faked

and a husky voice can be worked on and perfected.

Which is is a good thing.

It keeps us all on guard.
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