Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little shiny circles with numbers on them

Coins, coins, coins are just

Little shiny circles with numbers on them
Different colours and weights and
Pictures on them

Trying their best not to look smug

It's funny

How these little bits of metal
When put together
In suitable arrangements

Can buy everything but love

And sometimes even that
If you're in the wrong place at the right time!

I found a dollar coin down the back of my lounge
One sunday afternoon when I was cleaning
I put it the cup that houses all my loose change

When the cup is full I will go to the bank
and exchange the coins for some notes

The dollar that I found will be part of something bigger now
But only when I buy a new tv or stereo or IPod...
Only then
Will that dollar have realised its destiny!

The restless cat doesn’t know if it’s the itch of mold in the air

The sound of cockroaches scuttling across the cold floor

Or the winter that chills both

the night
and the day

like an accusatory stare

That causes his hair to stand up straight like it does.

But the fact that his hair stands up at all tells him he should leave

For at least a little while.

And although he will most probably end up somewhere



S t r a n g e r .

He feels like a change and has, unfortunately for anyone who thinks they own him, never been domesticated....