Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A question I'm not privy to

I'm walking to work and I'm going with the flow of human traffic
all walking as one (almost)

up the terrace

There are two men walking in front of me
they look like they come from the country

(The city I live in is already like living in the country, it's very spread out and has a sparse population, so somebody who stands out as somebody who comes from the country, REALLY comes from the country.)

Anyway, there were too such somebodies directly in front of me and the first somebody, obviously in answer to a question I'm not privy to, most likely made by the second somebody, says:

'' Yeah, well that's what it's like here mate. Everyone's constantly bustling around, you don't have time to look at the scenery, smell the roses, whatever. Everyone's always hurrying on their way from A to B.''

He sounds full of pity for the inhabitants of this city.

All I can think is:

"Could you possibly walk any slower man?''
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