Thursday, August 6, 2009

pulled back the curtain

I’ve been playing hide and seek with my muse.
I counted to a hundred and whilst I was counting
I heard her running away
With that clumsy gait of hers
Looking for somewhere clever to hide.

I finished counting and opened my eyes.

"Are you in your usual spot?"

I asked the seemingly empty room.

Upon opening my medicine chest
And rifling through all the different medications
I found the answer to my question.

Not there.

Next spot to look was the kitchen
On the shelf near the sink
A bottle of red there
And nothing behind it
Not the best hiding place anyway really
A favourite of hers though
But today my muse was

Not there.

So I went to my room
There was a bag filled with something
On the table
And even a pipe to smoke it
But my lovely and elusive muse?

She was not there.

Defeated and depressed
Aching in body and mind I sat
On my bed and cradled my head in my hands
And sighed
And cried.

I went to smoke a cigarette
By the window
Pulled back the curtain
Opened the window

And standing just outside

My gorgeous muse was there.
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