Friday, August 7, 2009

Photos by the homeless and free wine

I went to a photo exhibition last night
It was filled with the typical bohemian types

There was the obligatory free wine
Plastic cups of cheap red and white

And plenty of cheeses and crackers
All the runny types that girls like

The gimmick was that all the photos
Were taken by the homeless

A clever concept I think
Philanthropy with free liquor as a bonus : P

To be honest I didn't care for any of them except one
It was a beautiful shot of an old couch
Artfully contrasted and tastefully positioned
Vibrant with the light of the afternoon's dying sun

There was a picture of an aboriginal woman
On the wall posted right next to it

I hope she was the artist and
It would make me so happy
If it was really her couch...

And she really sat on it.
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