Friday, August 21, 2009

vague and unconvincing notions (made him feel better)

Mindful of the ephemeral nature of inspiration,
but NO LESS shattered by its current absence in him,
he plugged away trying to produce

art worthy of being called art…
But no matter how far he looked inside him it was nowhere to be found.

He rifled through the mental inventory
of his past efforts at capturing the beauty that hid itself
in distant conversations or close whispers

and tried to express the

vague and unconvincing notions

that huddled in his head

like a room full of socially awkward accountants playing reverse-chicken
with the sausage rolls on the table at the weekly office morning tea

He rifled through sufficiently enough
for him to feel that he had
accomplished something;

artistic fulfilment or successful self-psychoanalysis
it didn’t matter what,
just something.

At 1:50am he found an old photo he had taken on a beach
the name of which escaped him.
It was of a sunset and it mad e him feel better.
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