Saturday, July 25, 2009

Treasure Hunt

He spent all day lying on the couch
A big spliff in his mouth
Xanaxed out
Thinking about how
Sometimes you say the wrong thing
to the wrong person at the wrong time

She ran off crying
She did that all the time
But he knew this would be the very last time

He thought about his life and all the things that were wrong

And how he could change them and move onto
Something to hold dear
Someone to hold near
The vision to render what was now opaque
But these things never came
And he slumped back defeated on the couch again

Sometimes you’ve just got to wait it out
He wanted to grow up rich and famous
Sometimes you’ve just got to wait it out
He just didn’t want to grow up to be poor and lazy

She spent all day walking round town
Working on her frown
Pacing the streets up and down
Trying to forget what had got her down
In the first place
Oh the agony and the Heartache!

She didn’t want a bar of it
She went to the bar and got medicine
To make her sick

And sick she got
Until she was sick of the thought of the sadness
‘Thanks a lot.’
Life’ a bitch she thought
As she slapped it stupid
I hope someone rapes and kills cupid

Sometimes you’ve just got to wait it out
Laugh you’ll live longer
Sometimes you’ve just got wait it out
If it doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger

The old man spent his last day on earth counting his wealth
And looking at himself in the mirror
He could see every day he had spent alone
As lines etched on his face
Gradually worn down by the time like the bed of a river

And how it had rained
It rained for days and weeks and months and years
It seemed like it would briefly stop but always started again
He stayed in with his money but still went out like a flame

But he was never a fully fledged fire
Solitary and burning, but not entangled and reaching higher

Sometimes you’ve just got to wait it out
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