Friday, December 24, 2010

Gibberish, gabberish

Gibberish, gabberish
Make sure you wash your dishes
Beware of fishes having business meetings
With pieces of licorice

Feast your peepers on preachers making funny speeches
On the importance of mentally-impaired alcoholic leeches
They both teach us of the arrogance of venomous creatures

A stapler having sex with a piece of paper
Would be funny
Perhaps their babies would be envelopes
Filled with foreign money?

Have you ever seen a fascist, racist, rapist, doner kebab?
I once saw one running down the street, sexually molesting a yellow cab
He tripped on an obese eel that was sunbaking on the pavement
Meanwhile a gay platypus in high heels watched the scene in amazement

Nibble, Kibble, Dribble, Quibble
Young liberals salivate at the sight
Of a nude nun trying to get a tan by moonlight at midnight

A sycophantic apple with nihilistic intention
Can still be interested in the presidential election

Chicken licking should be banned
In my humble opinon
Energy would be better channelled
Crying about the state of onions

Spend, lend, mend, fend, defend your enemies friends
Im so sad, not really, they're crocodile tears

I think this is the

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