Friday, June 26, 2009

The Eyes of Marilyn Monroe

I keep a picture of Marilyn Monroe
On top of my window
She keeps me warm at night

I like her bedroom eyes
She seems so wise to me
I like the way she lies
Through her smile
I see bravery
Just because her lips curl
Doesn’t mean she’s happy

Next to that picture
on the wall there's a Clockwork Orange poster
it’s the future with sharp knives
and its supposed to
Be fine art and so it is

I like the make up on alex’s eyes
Seems to symbolise
True anarchy realised
But of course it was done
With so much calculation
The chaos was in order by the time
The image was a glint in Anthony Burgess’s eye

Next to that poster
There’s a block mount of Charlie Chaplin
He’s dressed as a tramp
And he’s looking off into the distance
Standing next to a poor boy

I like the expression on Charlie’s face
I like the way his pants aren’t sufficiently held up
By his braces
He knows there are places
Where people are poor and hungry
Or maybe just bored
And he wants things to change
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