Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Color In A Black And White Fireplace of Mindless Menace By DumbBaby 啞寶貝

Color In A Black And White Fireplace of Mindless Menace

Oration: by Robert F. Kennedy, made at the Cleveland City Club, April 5, 1968.

Music: From 'Black and White Music' By DumbBaby 啞寶貝


Listen to the rest of the project here:

Footage: Filmed on a phone by the fireplace at #cove.

This speech, now known as 'On the Mindless Menace of Violence' was made by Robert. F. Kennedy to a group of African American Community leaders in Cleveland on the day after Martin Luther Kings' assassination. Two months later Bobby Kennedy was himself assassinated.

An Excerpt:

'Too often we honor swagger and bluster and the wielders of force; too often we excuse those who are willing to build their own lives on the shattered dreams of others. Some Americans who preach nonviolence abroad fail to practice it here at home. Some who accuse others of inciting riots have by their own conduct invited them.

Some looks for scapegoats, others look for conspiracies, but this much is clear; violence breeds violence, repression brings retaliation, and only a cleaning of our whole society can remove this sickness from our soul.

For there is another kind of violence, slower but just as deadly, destructive as the shot or the bomb in the night. This is the violence of institutions; indifference and inaction and slow decay. This is the violence that afflicts the poor, that poisons relations between men because their skin has different colors. This is a slow destruction of a child by hunger, and schools without books and homes without heat in the winter.

This is the breaking of a man's spirit by denying him the chance to stand as a father and as a man among other men.'

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Some Vague War

أتحدث كثيرا
أنا أعلم أنه يبدو غير منطقي
في هذه مجرد البداية غير متسلسلة،
في غير محله
بدأت أتحدث قبل فتحت فمي
كان لي المونولوج كله تركت لكم من حديثنا
انا اسف
وأنا أعلم أنك لا تريد أن تسمعه
انا اسف
ايم في الغالب على التوالى على حافة هذه الأيام
ايم في الغالب بالملل حتى الموت في هذه الأيام
اعتقدت انه سيكون بمثابة خط ثابت لانهائي
ولكن لمجرد خط ثابت
أشعر مخروق
كنت تدفع لي على فارغة
كنت تدفع لي أن الدموع
أنت والجميع
لستم أنتم الجميع في آخر
الجميع لها
العالم كبير جدا بالنسبة لي

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Obfuschia - DumbBaby 啞寶貝

Obfuschia - DumbBaby啞寶貝

Filmclip by Nymphia Violet.

Obfuschiais the shade of pink that your brain reverts to when it tries to
designate an emotion as being either black or white. Its grey matter if
it doesnt matter. If it does matter, its obfuschia.

From Blackand White Music by DumbBaby 啞寶貝. Footage sampled from a million
different sources that we havent listed yet because we dont want anyone
taking it down. #kopimi

All original instrumentals. Soundtrack music. Made to accompany film.

If you would like to use any of these or our other pieces for your own
songs or films please contact Nymphia Violet at

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Deeply Shallow - DumbBaby啞寶貝

 A filmclip for the song Deeply Shallow by DumbBaby啞寶貝.

The footage is one long slowed down panning shot taken from Guy Debord's 'Critique de la Séparation' (1961)

Critique of Separation is a look at the sadness and alienation that results from the authentic individual urges and goals of members of a society being superseded by a passive captivation to the 'spectacle'; a fabricated mass narrative of commodity fetishization that subsumes the individual psyche.

This music has nothing to do with any of that.

From Black and White Music by DumbBaby 啞寶貝 Five original instrumentals. Soundtrack music. Made to accompany film.

Listen to the whole thing here:

This collection, along with more than 100 DumbBaby啞寶貝 songs and instrumentals will be available for sale and lease on our Bandcamp in the next couple of months!

If you would like to use any of these or our other pieces for songs or films please contact Nymphia Violet at

Sunday, December 20, 2015


come to and get hazy
keep numb
do it lonely
they wont touch you or feel you anyway
what they care about is different
they wont speak to you for months
you wont know if they love you for years
dont listen anyway
best not to think about it
its not your business

be your own doctor
take your own advice
stretch yourself
hide the cracks
no one wants a broken toy
no one listens to a broken record
no one respects a broken promise
no one needs a broken heart

ride the highs until you fall
hide the lows from your beloved


close the door
tune it out
put in work
finish the story

court your id
show it you care
impregnate yourself and gestate
birth a love
raise a smile
it adores you when you play together

keep warm in the cold
put the ache in the safe
take the fears to bed
wait for a better song
a singer with convictions
who will make you a happy prisoner
cuffed like a fugitive bounty hunter
keep it tight

share the spoils and lean hard
give back and hold it up
sleep like rest
wake like zest
hug like need
only talk big
stash the mula
save the core
cut off the fringe
fuck the base
if she holds your head
you'll love her self
just do it right

Tuesday, October 27, 2015




Chase it
Fuck it
Dead it
Kill it dead


Sleep it stupid
Get up
Slowly but surely
Dress it up
Like a plaything

A trauma doll
Soak it in coffee
And propylene glycol laced with nicotine

Go about your business
Try to be discrete
Stay upright

Stay busy
Hold it down
Face it up
Keep it in
Dont talk it out

Empathetic and semi-lucid

A tall order in the small of your back

Now walk it out

Friday, May 9, 2014

#Strong сильний

Nervish dervish
Vigorously fervish
Put those logs through the grill
My body is a furnace

My eyelids are accordians
They play painful polkas
Behind them sullen children
Threaten with supersoakers

My skin is seethrough
And the blood that I am filled with
Is made of cheap wine and quality time
and rhymes about miracle pills.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pheterer - dumbbaby

Pheterer. By dumbbaby. I found this somewhere, I made it ages ago. Its music.